MyoCare Healing Touch Massage

MyoCare brings healing touch massage therapy services to patients and residents in Senior Communities, long term care facilities, and hospice centers. 


Senior Communities

With MyoCare Healing Touch Massage, residents are comforted by soft touch, light music and tranquil aromatherapy. MyoCare services add presence and healing communication when it is needed most.  

Hospice Centers

Our approach is to bring hospice patients comfort and dignity. MyoCare Healing Touch Massage services are designed to ease pain and enhance quality of life while providing social and emotional support. 


Priority scheduling at these locations

CentraCare Health - Monticello

St. Benedict's Senior Community - St. Cloud

Chateau Waters - Sartell

Long-Term Care Facilities

MyoCare Healing Touch Massage helps long-term patients by,

  • Stimulating the nervous system and circulation
  • Calming and alleviating anxiety and stress
  • Naturally managing chronic pain and increasing mobility
  • Reducing muscle spasm and stiffness
  • Promoting lymphatic drainage
  • Improving sleep 
  • Providing social interaction and fun!